Phoenix Pharmalabs is creating a game changing Opioid that is NON-Addictive

One of the reasons why we like doing the CTStartup podcast is because we get to meet people who are creating world changing products.  Phoenix Pharmalabs is doing just that with their opioid pain medication that is 10-20x stronger than morphine and also is not addictive.  

We talked to CEO Bill Crossman, President and CEO of Phoenix Pharmalabs, and how a personal connection lead him to get into this game changing company.  Over the past decade or so opioid addiction has become a huge issues as people who are prescribed opioid pain medication have become addicted to the powerful drugs.  This was a podcast that we walked away from just imagining a world where our pain medication helps the pain but doesn’t put a person in jeopardy of becoming addicted, and Pheonix Pharmalabs is the company that will make it happen.  

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