CT Startup Podcast: Season Two


Wondering where your favorite podcast about Connecticut’s startup ecosystem has been? Well, we’ve been busier than ever, revamping and reworking our podcast to delve deeper into the Nutmeg State’s fledgling startup community. Over the summer, Eric, Dave, and Mike invited me to join their startup about startups and to help expand their reach across this great state.

Who am I? My name is Chris DeMorro, and I’m (surprise) a startup founder of my own, specifically digital marketing with a focus on (drumroll please) startups. I’ve spent the past 10 years working at every level for several startups, and now I’m helping local companies and non-profits implement the right strategies for presenting themselves to the world.

That’s about all I’m comfortable writing about myself for now, because this podcast isn’t about me. It’s about Connecticut’s young-but-growing startup community, and going forward we’ll continue to interview founders and policy-makers, but we’ll also be adding roundtable discussions, written content, a renewed emphasis on social media, and more live events.

Most importantly, however, is we want more interaction from you. We want you to give us your opinions, thoughts, and comments on the topic du jour, as well as suggestions on what you’d like to see more of. Give us your feedback, positive or negative, on our show, Connecticut, and the startup community as a whole.

Going forward, we’re going to take a harder look at both sides of the startup community, the benefits and drawbacks, and what it is really contributing to our economy. We may love Connecticut, but it’s no secret that this isn’t the most business-friendly state, and everybody has their own ideas on how to fix it.

So welcome back to the new CT Startup Podcast, and enjoy the first of many new episodes we have in store for you. 

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