#31 Adam Lazar of Asarasi Maple Water


Inspiration can come from anywhere, and Adam Lazar found it in the leftover water from a Vermont maple farm. For every 1 gallon of maple syrup, a maple farm produced 49 gallons of tree-filtered water, inspiring the launch of Asarasi Maple Water.

With his business partner Brian Pare, Lazar took Asarasi through Hartford’s reSET program and now runs the company full time, getting its tree-filtered water from a maple farm in Western New York. The sugar-free water has a slight-carbonation, as well as the direct benefit of being naturally filtered and reducing water waste.

We spoke with him about the benefits and drawbacks of doing business in Connecticut, as well as how incubator programs such as reSet play an important role. The podcast also touches on the benefits of being an environmentally conscious company in this day and age, and how other startups can work environmentalism into their products.

Tune in as we talk to one of the most unique startups in Connecticut.

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