Episode 33: Conscious Capitalism in Connecticut


The United States has been the champion of free-market capitalism since its inception, but the 21st century has brought new societal and technological changes that have created an unbalanced playing field that often stifles innovation and places wealth in the hands of a select few.

Enter Conscious Capitalism, and organization that “…builds on the foundations of Capitalism – voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade and the rule of law.” Following four guiding principles of purpose, culture, stakeholder, and leadership, Conscious Capitalism recognizes that today’s businesses need a purpose beyond simply making money.  

In our latest podcast, we spoke with Larry Bingaman, President of the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority and the Chairman of the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and board member Jennifer Bernheim. We are joined by our special guest host, Ojala Naeem from reSET, for this podcast.

They join us in a discussion about how capitalism, startups, and the free market can push society as a whole towards a better, more conscious future. For startups hoping to leave a lasting, positive impact on society, this podcast is a must-hear.  If you have any questions about Conscious Capitalism you can contact them at info@consciouscapitalismct.org

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