Episode 53: Curating Startup Innovation at UCONN with guest Rich Dino

Welcome back to the CTStartup Podcast! We are back for our third season with a new format, new host, and new interviews focusing on the startup ecosystem in Connecticut. This year we’ll be digging deeper, searching wider, and asking harder questions as we explore the opportunities and obstacles startups face in the Constitution State. We already have some incredible interviews in the tank, and we’re inserting ourselves into more business and startup events across the state in our bid to bring you the best information and news for founders and entrepreneurs.

Season 3 picks up where Season 2 left off with an interview of Rich Dino, an associate professor at UCONN and the Director of the Innovation Quest Program. This startup “bootcamp” is aimed at helping young students and startups bring their business ideas to life. UCONN’s Innovation Quest has a well-earned reputation of being a true trial-by-fire that helps forge ambitious ideas with a track record of producing economically viable and successful companies including past guests such as Macroscopic Solutions and Phood.

Please join us as we discuss what makes the Innovation Quest so difficult, and so successful, in its bid to encourage new startups from the state’s youngest entrepreneurs.

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