Episode 65: Taking Time With Hawthorn Watch Co.

Pardon the puns, but we’re taking a big step back in time this week in more than one way with our interview of Brian Dunnigan and his timepiece startup, the Hawthorn Watch Co.

Born out of a dream and funded via Kickstarter, the Hawthorn Watch Co. burst onto the timepiece scene in 2017 with a simplistic and minimalist design that appeals to Millennial’s return to a desire for simple, durable goods.

It also so happens that Brian grew up in Durham, CT and attended school with both co-hosts Chris and Eric – making this timepiece conversation a bit of a grade school reunion as well.

Join us for a trip down memory lane as we talk with one of Connecticut’s coolest Kickstarter success stories.

Producer’s Note – The RoboCop Statue is slated to go up this Spring – HUZZAH!

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