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Innovation Summit Series: Language Zen

New year, new you, same CT Startup podcast! We’re still working through a backlog of content, including Language Zen, another of the innovative startups we met at the Innovation Summit put on by the Connecticut Technology Council.

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Innovation Summit Series: WillowWorx

For the third entry in our Innovation Summit Series, we spoke with Dr. Marien Zanyk about her unique exercise device, the WillowWorx. Inspired by her favorite tree, which Dr. Zanyk frequently used for stretching, the fiberglass tree that “enables freeform workouts that improve overall fitness, flexibility and balance”

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#31 Adam Lazar of Asarasi Maple Water

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and Adam Lazar found it in the leftover water from a Vermont maple farm. For every 1 gallon of maple syrup, a maple farm produced 49 gallons of tree-filtered water, inspiring the launch of Asarasi Maple Water.

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