Episode 104: The Long Road to MakerspaceCT

We’re doubling up on original content this week with this special episode of CTStartup Podcast. We chat live with one of the founders of Connecticut’s largest makerspace during their final construction kickoff party. Learn about the long road that led them to this point and the latest news on the Makerspace (including the grand opening…

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Episode 103: Polling in on Bestest the App

We’re happy to introduce Kelly Helmuth of Bestest the polling app. We sat down with Kelly and learned about the ins and outs of her development process while getting hands-on experience with it. Tune in to find out what makes this app so addictive, and be sure to download and try it out yourself.  …

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Episode 102: Augmenting Reality with SphereGen

   We get a headsets-on look at SphereGen’s up-and-coming augmented reality device. What is augmented reality? What does it entail?  How is it different than other types of virtual reality?  What does the SphereGen headset do? Come virtually join us in this week’s podcast as we learn about this fascinating new form of virtual reality.…

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