#27 Hiring employees and what that means for your startup

On this weeks podcast Dave and Eric are joined by Jennifer Corvo an attorney at Murtha Cullina about what startups should know about hiring employees.  Ms. Corvo fits right in and gives us the rundown of what startups should be doing when hiring employees and what to do if you want to have “Interns”.  

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Episode 24: MyHomeProNetwork

This episode we are joined by Nick Pontacoloni, co-founder of MyHomeProNetwork.  Also on this podcast we have Dave Menard, Mike Kauffman, and Eric Francis.  We had fun with this and Nick provides some good insight into entrepreneurship and on taking investment for your startup.

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Episode 23: We are all sold out

This is one of our typical square tables where we have fun and while also diving into various topics.  On this episode you have Mike Kauffman, Dave Menard, Eric Francis, and Ojala Naeem.  We have to try and keep calm and make sure not to kill Mike.  


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CircleLink Health is improving the health of chronically ill patients

On this podcast from the CT Innovation Summit we talked with Joseph Anstey the founder of CircleLink Health.  The health care industry has been changing over the years and there has been increased emphasis on preventative health.  

CircleLink Health, a healthcare technology company, improves health for patients with chronic conditions by engaging them through their mobile phones, and allows their physicians to easily earn Medicare’s new chronic care reimbursement.


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Co-Host Square Table Talk

We met at The Happiness Lab around a square table to catch up on things.  We get to hear updates on Mike and his fundraising journey and he gives us his perspective on the Connecticut fundraising scene.  We also dive into the normal tangents.  

If you will be around Hartford CT tomorrow you should check out the Connecticut Innovation Summit at the Convention Center, check it out HERE.  We will be there all day interviewing many of the innovative companies in and around Connecticut.  

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Episode 15: Back East Brewing Company

Last week we had a fun time interviewing Tony Karlowicz co-founder of Back East Brewing Company.  As many of you beer drinkers know there are micro breweries popping up everywhere and Back East Brewing has been one who has made a name for itself in Connecticut.  

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