An insider's perspective on the Connecticut startup ecosystem from the innovators growing it


UCONN Innovation Quest: EpiGo

The plight of EpiPen users has been brought into the public conciousness this past year, inspiring two young entrepreneurs to concieve of a smaller, better way to deliver life-saving epinephrine. Their idea: replace bulky and expensive pens with a refillable, wearable, life-saving EpiPen replacement. Join Chris and Eric for the fourth entry in the UCONN…

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UCONN Innovation Quest: LOKI

For the third entry of our UCONN Innovation Quest series, we spoke to Andrew Ginzberg of LOKI, a new app that aims to evolve the live streaming market, as well as revolutionize the news and media industry. Through broadcasters, LOKI hopes to provide full coverage of events with 0 production costs, and also provide viewers…

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UCONN Innovation Quest: Podstories

CTStartup was invited to interview the finalists of UCONN’s Innovation Quest, a startup incbuator program that seeks to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life, and our first interview hits close to home.

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Episode 46: Listenable

Audiobooks and podcasts have become major forces in their respective industries, but there is still far more written digital content than anything else. Imagine if you could give your eyes a break, and let someone else do the reading for you? That’s the concept behind Listenable, which takes your website’s content and translates it into…

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