Episode 8: LearnToProgam.TV and how revenue should come first

This episode was a round table (actually rectangle) discussion with all four of the hosts and Marc Lassoff founder of LearnToProgram.Tv.  Marc has a vast history working within startup ecosystems both in Austin, TX and Connecticut.  

During the podcast you will notice that we are having a lot of fun with the discussions while also diving deep.  Marc talks a lot about what the role of a mentor should be and how they shouldn’t act.  He also touches on how getting revenue early on for a startup is crucial and should be the main focus.  

Have fun listening and let us know what you think about the round table discussions.

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Episode 7: Independent Software and their A100 program

During this episode we talk with Derek Koch, Krishna Sampath, and Julio Mansilla about the A100 program.  A100 was born out of the need for more top level programmers in Connecticut.  By taking computer science grads and putting them through an intensive program A100 is helping Connecticut based  companies stand out.  

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Episode 0: The story behind the CT Startup Podcast

Connecticut is becoming a hot bed for entrepreneurship and startups which is the reason why we are launching the CT Startup Podcast.  

During this episode you will find out how a simple introduction, a few cups of coffee, and a passion for podcasts lead to the creation of this show.  You will also meet our four hosts Dave, Mike, James, and Eric.  

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