Two entrepreneurs, Mike Kauffman and Eric Francis had been meeting for coffee and discussing everything from what they were working on to what they wanted to see for Connecticut. The two connected over the fact that they are avid podcast listeners and thought it would be fun to start a podcast interviewing entrepreneurs and startups that are based in CT. At the same time Mike and Eric were talking about this, two startups lawyers were having a similar conversation.

Dave Menard and James McLaughlin lawyers for Murtha Cullina LLP are also avid podcast listeners and thought about doing a podcast interviewing startups as well. Then one magical day during a meeting between Eric and Dave they both mentioned their ideas about a podcast interviewing startups and just like that the wheels began turning.

Soon after that meeting, Mike, Dave, James, and Eric got together to sketch out the idea of the CTStartup podcast. Just over a month later they were recording shows and establishing the team.

Mike and James, entrepreneurs that they are, have since moved on to new ventures that demand most of their free time, but the CTStartup podcast forges on, having welcomed producer Christopher DeMorro as a full-time host. The trio is regularly joined by guest hosts such as Ojala Naeem of reSET and Nisha Kapur of Murtha Cullina.