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Episode 94: Pursuing Progress with Innovation Destination: Hartford

By Chris DeMorro | December 14, 2018

Hartford has been gaining a lot of momentum lately, in part because of the hard work of groups such as Innovation Destination: Hartford (IDH). IDH represents a coalition of entrepreneurs and service professionals dedicated to enhancing the Hartford region’s ability to support startups and second-stage entrepreneurs, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The IDH…

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Episode 93: Climate Change Roundtable with Matt Moroney

By Chris DeMorro | December 6, 2018

This week we take a break from our normal interview schedule for a laid-back roundtable discussion on a rather serious subject – climate change. The conversation revolves around the IPCC’s recent (and dire) climate change report, how much carbon emissions need to be reduced, and the obligation of business owners to do something about it.…

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Episode 92: A Healthy, Just, and Sustainable Future

By Chris DeMorro | November 29, 2018

Many startups seek investors who believe in their vision, but this week’s guests are looking for investors for a different reason. This week we interview Franz Hochstrasser and Matthew Moroney of Raise Green, an “…online portal of financing and support by connecting communities with investors interested in putting their money to work – protecting people…

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Episode 91: RecordMe is Giving Musicians a Step Up

By Chris DeMorro | November 19, 2018

Meet John Fiorello of RecordME. Like most of our guests, John is busy juggling the life of a startup founder as he focuses on producing and capturing professional sounding audio for musicians at a cheaper rate and in a more compact manner. His work could have a profound impact on the audio and music streaming…

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Episode 90: The City That Feeds Itself

By Chris DeMorro | November 7, 2018

This week our very own host Eric Francis brings on his business partners Spencer Curry and Kieran Foran to update us on their aquaponic farming business. Learn more about how this trio of modern farmers from Meriden’s Trifecta Ecosystems wants to create “The City That Feeds Itself”. You can find this episode for download on iTunes, Google…

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