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Episode 63: Paul Singh – Chief Hustler at Results Junkies

By Chris DeMorro | January 3, 2018

With the new year here, we wanted to start off strong. Thankfully, we have our last interview from the CVG CT Tech Tour, and it features the man of the hour himself, Paul Singh. Paul is the founder of Results Junkies and the venture powerhouse behind the North American Tech Tour, a multi-month road trip…

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Episode 62: CVG CT Tech Tour Day 4

By Chris DeMorro | December 28, 2017

On the fourth and final day of the CVG CT Tech Tour, Dave, Eric, and Andrea went down to southeastern Connecticut to interview the final batch of innovators and investors. The last stop on our tour included BioPharmaWorks, I2EConsulting, Level Up Village, Spark Makerspace, and Cure Innovation Commons, giving us a wide array of entrepreneurs…

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Episode 61: CVG Tech Tour – Day 3 – Quinnipiac University

By Chris DeMorro | December 15, 2017

For a week in October, the CT Startup Podcast traveled across Connecticut to interview local officials, startup founders, and venture capitalists as part of Crossroads Venture Group’s CT Tech Tour. For Day 3 of the CVG Tech Tour we sat down with Glendowlyn Thames of CTNext, the state agency behind the Innovation Places grants, and…

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Episode 60: CVG CT Tech Tour – Day 2 – Fairfield University

By Chris DeMorro | December 5, 2017

For a week in October, the CT Startup Podcast traveled across Connecticut to interview local officials, startup founders, and venture capitalists as part of the CT Tech Tour. This roadshow of Connecticut’s innovative spirit was put on by the Crossroads Venture Group and Paul Singh’s Results Junkies. For the second day and entry in this…

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Episode 59: CVG CT Tech Tour – Day 1

By Chris DeMorro | November 29, 2017

Over the past year and a half, the CTStartup Podcast has grown tremendously as we continue to seek out and interview the founders and investors growing the Connecticut startup ecosystem. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we were invited by the Crossroads Venture Group to take part in the North American Tech Tour as…

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Episode 58: Helping Professional Women Return To Work With Untapped Potential

By Chris DeMorro | November 21, 2017

One of the biggest challenges facing the blitz-like pace of today’s modern economy is how to re-integrate talented and educated people who have taken time out from the workforce. These challenges are especially pronounced for mothers who leave the workforce to focus on their family, only to find it difficult to pivot back into full-time employment.

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Episode 57: Networking Nutmegger Style with CT Small Business Party

By Chris DeMorro | November 13, 2017

There are over 400,000 businesses in Connecticut, and many of them are small operations with just a handful of employees solving the daily problems of regular people. We’re talking about your grocery stores, gas stations, and one-room shops at strip malls that serve our daily needs day in and out. Not every business is a…

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Episode 56: New Haven’s “The District” Redefines The Co-working Space

By Chris DeMorro | November 8, 2017

The Connecticut startup ecosystem is evolving and growing in exciting new ways. But one of the pressing issue facing many new businesses in the state is finding a place to grow that encourages collaboration with other young companies. This has given rise to co-working spaces in many Connecticut cities, and at its core David Salinas’s The…

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Episode 55: Disrupting Healthcare With Blockchain And SimplyVital Health

By Chris DeMorro | October 23, 2017

Bitcoin has soared to new heights in recent weeks, bringing blockchain technology back into focus as a means of disrupting long-held monopolies such as finance. For Katherine Kuzmeskas of SimplyVital Health, blockchain represents a new frontier in the world of healthcare IT. Her company has developed a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines healthcare data…

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Episode 54: Venture Capital in Connecticut with the Crossroads Venture Group

By Chris DeMorro | October 16, 2017

Season 3 is hitting the ground running with a special new series focusing on venture capital in Connecticut. The CTStartup Podcast joins the Crossroads Venture Group on the CVG CT Tech Tour, a four city tech tour with serial investor Paul Singh as we explore some of Connecticut’s most promising companies and the investors seeking…

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