Episode 14: FRESH Farm Aquaponics- Empowering communities to feed themselves

During the episode you will hear from Spencer Curry and Kieran Foran the co-founders of FRESH Farm Aquaponics on how they began down the path of creating a more sustainable food future.  FRESH Farm Aquaponics is also a Benefit Corporation and a beneficiary of many Connecticut Startup resources.  

This episode deserves full disclosure as one of our hosts is a partner in FRESH Farm Aquaponics. Listen to find out which one of our hosts is on this team and how they became a part of the company. 

FRESH Farm Aquaponics is a diverse company with a ecosystem of products and services which enable them to connect with varying customer segments.  Check FRESH Farm Aquaponics out at their website www.Freshfarmct.org.  

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