Episode 42: MakerspaceCT

The Maker Movement has grown into a billion-dollar industry that’s also helping regular Americans reconnect with their passion for DIY projects. Makerspaces are popping up all over the place, including here in Connecticut, but when complete, MakerspaceCT will be our state’s largest makerspace by far.

Makerspace CT is a young nonprofit based in Hartford’s famous Colt Building. At 15,000 sq-ft, it will be Connecticut’s largest makerspace, and it will come equipped with all kinds of cool tools that have your hosts drooling. CNC machines, welders, 3D printers, and a lot, lot more.

We sit down with Bryan Patton and Devra Sisitsky, the husband-and-wife power couple behind this ambitious effort to bring manufacturing back to a this historic site.


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