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UCONN Innovation Quest: Dermatat

Tattoos were once considered taboo and the realm of weirdos and neer-do-wells, but in the 21st century body ink has gone mainstream. Alas, that also means a number of tattoos done in questionable taste, and despite many wonders of modern medicine, the only current treatment for tattoo removal is both painful and expensive. But what…

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CT Startup Podcast: Season Two

Wondering where your favorite podcast about Connecticut’s startup ecosystem has been? Well, we’ve been busier than ever, revamping and reworking our podcast to delve deeper into the Nutmeg State’s fledgling startup community. Tune in to find out more.

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Episode 12: Applivate’s ShugaTrak takes on diabetes

In this weeks episode we talk with John Fitzpatrick from Applivate a New Haven based company.  Applivate is taking on diabetes with ShugaTrak by sending blood glucose readings by text message instantly and effortlessly.   This was a fun interview which we recorded at The Happiness Lab at the Grove. If you know of anyone…

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