Entrepreneur Education


Connecticut is home to world-class colleges and universities, that much we already know.

But the Constitution State also hosts a growing number of business incubators, makerspaces, and co-working spaces that are helping guide and grow startups of every kind.

These places offer all sorts of education and guidance for new entrepreneurs, and have already helped a number of companies get their dreams off the ground.




reSET serves all entrepreneurs, but specializes in social enterprise ― impact driven business with a double and sometimes triple bottom line. In addition to providing co-working space and accelerator and mentoring programs, reSET aims to inspire innovation and community collaboration, and to support entrepreneurs in creating market-based solutions to community challenges.

Community Economic Development Fund


The Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 1994 whose purpose is to provide resources and assistance to serve the economic needs of the small businesses in low-to-moderate income towns and cities throughout Connecticut.


CT Technology Council


The mission of the Connecticut Technology Council is to spark innovation, cultivate tech talent, advocate for industry-beneficial law and policy, expand the scope of industry networking and professional development, and celebrate industry achievements in the state. Their vision is to support and promote Connecticut’s tech ecosystem to lead as a national model.